KOKUFUBOOK – A Definitive Collection of the Work of Osamu Kokufu

One of the most rewarding translation projects I have ever been involved with, this book is a wonderful celebration of the artist Osamu Kokufu (1970 – 2014).
Kokufu’s work and outlook had a deep affect on numerous artists and others working in art-related fields, many of whom got together in the months after his tragic passing in 2014 with the intention of preserving and conveying his visions and creations for future generations.  This collection is one of the main results of the group’s activity.  They have organized many events and exhibitions as well, focusing on his work and that of those around him.

Osamu Kokufu Book Publication Committee (mostly in Japanese only, but with lots of beautiful images and great examples of Kokufu’s visionary work)
Artist’s page at Osaka’s awesome Artcourt Gallery (more wonderful images of his work, and biographic and exhibition info)